Veterinary Clinical Pathology Laboratory

Test Listing

Hematology and Chemistry Offerings

Test Name Specimen Requirement UM Internal Research Price Non-UM Price
Advanced Mammal Chemistry Panel
(ALT, Bun, Crea, Glu, Phos, Ca, TP, Alb, AST, Amylase, CPK, TBil)
0.25 ml serum (RT) or plasma (GT) 32.55 48.00
Basic Mammal Chemistry Panel
(ALT, BUN, Crea, Glu, Phos, Ca, TP)
0.2ml serum (RT) or plasma (GT) 11.95 33.00
UM Lipoprotein Panel
(Chol, Trig, HDL, LDL, VLDL)
0.1ml serum (RT) or plasma (GT) 18.30 35.00
Individual chemistry determinations 0.1ml serum (RT) or plasma (GT) 9.75 9.75
CBC, mammal 0.1-0.2ml blood (LT) or (GT) 24.00 24.00
Platelet count 0.1ml blood (LT) or (GT) 16.00 16.00
CBC and platelet count, mammal 0.1ml blood (LT) or (GT) 29.00 29.00

Note that if sample volume is expected to be problematic, GT can be submitted for both CBC and chemistry testing.

Contact the lab for price and availability of other tests and custom panels.  Full services are available for research projects. Pricing as of 6/1/17.