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Pathology Research Resources

Excellence in research requires high quality analyses of biological specimens. The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine has established the laboratories of the Pathology Research Resources to meet these needs and provide an avenue to access all the expertise in the department. Most routine test services are available and specialized services can be implemented to meet your study’s objectives. These include with clinical pathology and histology services. Consultation and collaboration are also available. We are committed to provide excellent pathology services to aid in the success of your research project.


Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology
Breast Pathology
Cardiovascular Pathology
Genitourinary Pathology
GI and Liver Pathology
Gynecologic Pathology
Head & Neck Pathology
Molecular Diagnostics
Pediatric Pathology
Pulmonary/Thoracic Pathology
Renal Pathology
Surgical Pathology
Transplant Pathology

Clinical Immunology
Clinical Microbiology
Forensic Toxicology
Special Coagulation
Stem Cell Processing
Transfusion Medicine

Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Veterinary Pathology

Other test services can be found at the Pathology Specialty Services site or via contacting Dr. Carolyn Cray
or Client Services.