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When shipping, make sure to handle and pack your samples appropriately. For chemistry/serology submissions, it is best to centrifuge and separate the plasma into a size appropriate transport tube (also available from the lab). If you choose to use cold paks, use them sparingly. Insulate whole blood and blood smears from direct contact with the cold pak. Use outer packaging — even when using FedEx plastic overwraps — to prevent sample breaks and leaks.

We recommend using FedEx or UPS for shipping samples. US Mail is an option but sample delivery is often slowed by the university mailroom. It is not uncommon to have delays of 2-3 days. If you want to use US Mail, use the P.O. Box and not the physical address. For FedEx and UPS, use the physical address.

FedEx preprinted billable stamps are available from the laboratory for U.S. clients. These stamps apply to Standard Overnight services for 1 pound packages only. Pricing is based on the number of individual submissions present in each shipment. Extra weight, priority shipping, and Saturday pickup is subject to extra charges.

1 sample = $19.00
2 samples = FREE
3 samples = FREE


UM/Comp Path
1600 NW 10th Ave
RMSB 7101A
Miami, FL 33136
ph 305-243-6700

US Mail

UM/Comp Path
P.O. Box 016960 R-46
Miami, FL 33101