News : 2013 : March

Clinical Pathology from Penguins to Dolphins

The Georgia Aquarium Research Symposium was held on February 28 – March 1, 2013. This symposium gathered the scientific community to review recent research advances made possible through support from the Georgia Aquarium. The opening session was lead by a plenary presentation by Vice Admiral Dr. Conrad Lautenbacher who was part of the key leadership of NOAA for many years. Dr. Greg Bossart, Senior Vice President of Animal Care, Research, and Conservation at the Georgia Aquarium and adjunct faculty member in our laboratory presented the plenary session on the second day entitled, “One Health and the Oceans: The Integration of Marine Mammal, Human, and Environmental Health in Practice.”

Dr. Carolyn Cray presented her collaborative work on acute phase proteins in a talk entitled, “Clinical pathology studies: from penguins to dolphins”. This ongoing work has been supported by the Georgia Aquarium and their reserach partners. Other investigators reviewed advances in manta ray research, the use of metabolomic methods to investigate disease status in dolphins, health evaluation of manatees in Puerto Rico, and the identification of contaminants in marine mammals as part of the HERA dolphin project.