News : 2018 : November

New Publication on Electrophoresis as a Tool for Aspergillosis Diagnosis in the African Penguin

The Avian & Wildlife Laboratory has a publication regarding new options for diagnostics of aspergillosis in the African penguin. This study was completed in collaboration with several participating institutions of the Species Survival Plan as part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Saving Animals from Extinction conservation initiative. This paper was published in the latest issue of the Journal of Zoo & Wildlife Medicine.

Antemortem diagnosis of aspergillosis remains a major challenge in penguins. In the current study, we were provided access to one-of-a-kind banked samples from African penguins where we were able to determine that increases in alpha 2 globulins, in particular, were associated with fungal infection in this species. In addition, the new biomarker of 3-hydroxybutyrate was measured. Using these measures together, a high specificity in excess of 90% and a high negative predictive value was found. This panel of testing is now available from the laboratory.

For more information, see the publication: 49(3):696-703, 2018 as well as the information on Avian Aspergillosis.