News : 2014 : December

New Publication on Acute Phase Proteins in Falcons

Check out our collaborators’ new publication on diagnostic tools for the detection of aspergillosis — adult and juvenile falcons were experimentally infected with different dosages of Aspergillus fumigatus. Blood samples were analyzed on day 0 and day 28 for antibody and galactomannan and changes in plasma proteins by protein electrophoresis, haptoglobin, and serum amyloid A.

Infected falcons were more likely to be antibody positive (97% to 67%) and those birds with granulomas were more likely to have changes in alpha and beta globulins as viewed by protein electrophoresis. Seven-fold increases in serum amyloid A and four-fold increases in haptoglobin were present as well as a more than 2-fold decrease in the A/G ratio. The latter tests showed significant changes and may be useful in the early diagnosis of aspergillosis.

See more at Avian Diseases 58(4):587-298, 2014. Congratulations to primary authors Dominik Fischer and Lieven Van Waeyenberghe on an excellent study