Histology Laboratory

Price List Effective June 1, 2017

Description Price
Processing, embedding, and staining 1 H&E from 1 block 12.75
Add an additional H&E slide from the above block 4.50
Add 2 additional H&E slides from the above block 3.65
Add an unstained section to the above block 3.25
Recut – sectioning and staining 1H&E slide from a previously prepared block 6.95
Unstained – sectioning an unstained section from a previously prepared block 4.80
Special Stain – provide a special stain on a section from a previously prepared block (contact lab for pricing by type of stain) 18.00
Frozen Sectioning per 1⁄2 hour of technical time 35.00
Process and embed only, per block 5.25
Decalcification 6.00
Trimming, 1-2 tissues into cassette 6.00
Trimming, 3 or more tissues into cassette 8.00
Technical time, various projects per 1⁄2 hour 40.00
Immunohistochemistry 12.00*
Block Pull (UM only) 15.00 per case*
Histology supplies Contact Lab
  • Note on IHC: pricing and availability variable depending on antigen; contact pathologyresearchresource@miami.edu
  • Note on Block Pulls: studies involving block pulls are also subject to an additional $10 courier fee and possibly pathologist’s time for review; contact pathologyresearchresource@miami.edu