News : 2020 : May

Holding the Line on Pricing & 50% Off FedEx!

For long standing clients of our laboratory, you know that June 1 usually marks a period of price increases for our laboratory services as this is the start of the university’s fiscal year. As these are unprecedented times for us all, we have made a difficult decision and are going to hold off on price increases at this time. Our long time lab motto is Our Clients are Our Partners. We have always felt that we are here to serve you and provide the best testing options that you can use to help your patients. We do not take our task lightly and strive for excellence in all areas. Your support of our services through your submissions in turn fuels our research programs which aids in the development of new tests and many collaborative studies. Your patronage is well evident in over 130 publications and 140 abstract presentations. We count on you as much as you count on us and we want you to be able to best serve your patients at this difficult time.

In addition to not increasing prices, we are also offering 50% off of FedEx charges for shipments of 1 sample. As you know, shipments are currently FREE when using our FedEx program and shipping us 2 or more samples. Now, using our airbill system that is accessed in the Client Portal and shipping a 1 pound package, your charge is only $9.50. We plan continue this special offer through August 30 at which time we will reanalyze whether we can continue offering this major discount.

Thank you to all for your hard work and dedication. We are stronger together.