News : 2018 : March

Greg Bossart and the One Health Program

Adjunct professor Greg Bossart, VMD, PhD was recently profiled in the GAVet, a quarterly publication of the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Bossart, who founded the Avian & Wildlife Laboratory, currently serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Veterinary Officer of Animal Health, Research, and Conservation at the Georgia Aquarium. This great article touches on how the aquarium maintains the health of their impressive collection of animals and reviews the research and conservation program. Dr. Bossart’s groundbreaking multi-year study of the dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon has demonstrated the value of this species as a sentinel species. It has furthermore shown that veterinary based research programs are a key to the One Health Initiative.

Dr. Bossart received his pathology training at the University of Miami and served as a NIH fellow. He was on the faculty of the University of Miami when he founded the Avian & Wildlife Laboratory. Dr. Bossart moved on to build the research program at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute before joining the Georgia Aquarium. He has over 160 publications and remains a key collaborator of the Avian & Wildlife Laboratory.