News : 2018 : February

New Paper on the Diagnosis of Aspergillosis in Dolphins

The Avian & Wildlife Laboratory congratulates former Visiting Scholar Dr. Guillaume Desoubeaux on his recent publication on the evaluation of an Aspergillus Western blot IgG immunoblot kit for the diagnosis of aspergillosis in bottlenose dolphins. Dr. Desoubeaux completed this study while working in our laboratory last year. This study was performed in conjunction with the Georgia Aquarium, Mystic Aquarium, Mote Marine Laboratory, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, National Marine Mammal Foundation, and the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program.

As with humans, the diagnosis of aspergillosis in animals is difficult. Recently, an immunoblot system had been validated for use in humans. This kit was compared with an in-house ELISA system for the detection and quantitation of the antibody response. The two methods were strongly correlated but a higher specificity (92.7%) was observed with the immunoblot. Seroconverion appeared to occur prior to the detection of Aspergillus by culture.

See more in Medical Mycology Advance Access. Thank you to all of our collaborators.