News : 2017 : January

New Paper on Acute Phase Proteins of the Bonnethead Shark

Check out the new paper on plasma protein electrophoresis and acute phase protein expression in the Bonnethead shark published in the December issue of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. Congratulations to our collaborators Dr. Mike Hyatt of the Adventure Aquarium and Drs. Field and Clauss of the Georgia Aquarium.

This paper summarizes a novel study of plasma proteins in this elasmobranch which is a popular species in public aquaria. We identified 5 fractions using traditional measures of protein electrophoresis. The alpha 2 and beta globulin migrating fractions figured prominently. In addition, C-reactive protein (CRP) and haptoglobin (HP) reagents were validated. Significant changes were observed in unhealthy bonnethead sharks. These new biomarkers may aid veterinarians in the diagnosis of inflammatory disease in this special species.

For more information, see JZWM 47(4):984-992, 2016.