News : 2013 : November

New Publications on Acute Phase Proteins in Exotic Animals

Acute phase proteins (APP) were first identified in the early 1900’s as early reactants to infectious disease. They are now understood to be an integral part of the acute phase response which is the cornerstone of innate immunity. APP have been shown to be valuable biomarkers as increases can occur with inflammation, infection, neoplasia, stress, and trauma. All animals – from fish to mammals – have demonstrable APP but the type of major APP differs by species. While the primary application of these proteins in a clinical setting is prognostication, studies in animals have demonstrated relevance to diagnosis and detection and monitoring for subclinical disease. APP have been well documented in laboratory, companion, and large animals. It has only been recently that investigations have been initiated in avian, exotic, and wildlife species.

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Holiday Schedule

The laboratory will be closed on December 25 and January 1. The lab will be open but with limited staffing on November 29 and January 20. Please call us with any questions or concerns regarding testing and shipping over the holidays.

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New Publication on Alternative Method to Generate Reference Intervals

In human and veterinary medicine, reference intervals for hematologic and biochemical testing are an essential part in test interpretation, the generation of a diagnosis, and prognostication. Superior reference intervals are generated from a large sample size of clinically normal individuals. This is sample set is often greater than 120 data points. In veterinary medicine, and perhaps especially so in avian medicine, it is particularly difficult to obtain specimens from that number of individuals or even a lesser number of 40 individuals for which a different method of statistical analysis can be used. Time and cost factors are major considerations as well as access to the appropriate number of birds that have a complete health history. In our current study, we have examined the use of indirect sampling method for the generation of reference intervals in avian species.

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