News : 2013 : September

APP Expression During EEHV Viremia in Asian Elephants

The September issue of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine features a study of acute phase protein expression in Asian elephants during elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus-1 viremia in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). The study was conducted in the Acute Phase Protein Laboratory at the University of Miami by Dr. Carolyn Cray. Collaborating investigators at the Baylor College of Medicine contributed valuable samples for analysis from elephants in differing periods of infection. The data indicated that EEHV-1 infection does result in acute inflammation and that APP levels may aid in the health monitoring of this species.

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UMiami Proudly Sponsors Sessions at Joint AEMV/ARAV Conference

The Avian & Wildlife Laboratory is pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor sessions at the upcoming Joint AEMV/ARAV Conference to be held in Indianapolis from September 14-19. As a Bronze Level sponsor, we are hosting the AEMV Pathology Session and the ARAV Infectious Disease Session. The joint program looks to be excellent once again this year. Unfortunately, this year Dr. Carolyn Cray will not be joining the meeting participants as she was asked to lecture about acute phase proteins on behalf of the European Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology at the 23rd Congress of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Liverpool. Check back for her summary of this meeting later this month.

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Exotic Species Cancer Research Alliance

The Exotic Species Cancer Research Alliance is asking for your help in understanding various animal models of cancer and building information that may help to treat cancer in animals and humans. This group was represented at the recent AAV meeting and will also be at the upcoming AAZV meeting. To learn more, go to their website. The site has a short survey on cases of avian squamous cell carcinoma. Show your support in helping pave this two-way street between human and veterinary medicine.

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