News : 2013 : February

New Papers on Dolphins

Two new papers have been published regarding protein electrophoresis and acute phase proteins in dolphins. This work was conducted with colleagues at the Georgia Aquarium, Marineland Dolphin Adventure, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at FAU, Dolphin Quest, and NOAA.

Acute phase proteins, while well defined in many companion and large animals, have not been widely studied in marine mammals. Samples from dolphins under human care as well as free-ranging animals were analyzed for serum amyloid A, C-reactive protein, and haptoglobin with the goal of providing baseline reference intervals. This work was published in the Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation (25:107-111, 2013).

In addition, a thorough study was conducted to develop the first reference intervals for serum protein electrophoresis. This tool has been shown to be invaluable in many species for its valid quantitation of albumin and reflection of a possible acute phase response via globulin changes. This paper also provides the first electrophoretogram for this species so that other laboratories may standardize fraction quantitation. The publication occured in Aquatic Mammals (38:412-417, 2012).

To learn more about our reseach on acute inflammation, see the Acute Phase Protein Laboratory.