News : 2015 : June

New Publicaton on Acute Phase Proteins in Ferrets

Acute phase proteins (APP) are valuable diagnostic and prognostic tools in veterinary medicine given their exceptional sensitivity for inflammation. A recent publication details the use of acute phase proteins and protein electrophoresis in ferrets. This study was completed with our great collaborators including Drs. Michelle Ravich, Laurie Hess, Susan Kelleher, and Cathy Johnson-Delaney.

You can see the full study in the latest issue of the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine 24(2):201-208, 2015. Serum amyloid A (SAA) testing and haptoglobin have been validated for use in this species. The use of protein electrophoresis is also highlighted with the ability to detect monoclonal gammopathies related to lymphoproliferative diseases.

Both APP assays are available as individually requested assays and SAA is also part of a Basic Ferret Panel where it can be used in routine health assessments in addition to CBC and biochemistry testing.