News : 2014 : September

New Publication on Hemoglobin Binding Protein in Loggerhead Turtles

This marks the first report of implementation of an assay for hemoglobin binding protein in loggerhead turtles. Eighteen samples reflecting pre and post rehabilitation status were examined by this assay and plasma protein electrophoresis. Significant differences in all analytes were observed between these timepoints and, notably, hemoglobin binding protein levels were found to increase during the rehabilitation period. These results indicate that this assay may serve as a useful tool in assessing the health of sea turtles. As all 7 free ranging sea turtle species have either endangered or threatened status, this new assay may have relevance in the study of wild populations and in monitoring the health status of turtles under human care.

The study appears in the current issue of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 45(3):700-703, 2014. Many thanks to all of our collaborators.