News : 2014 : July

Acute Phase Protein Presentations at International Society of Animal Clinical Pathology Conference

The 16th biennial conference of the International Society of Animal Clinical Pathology was held in Copenhagen, Denmark in late June. Over 100 attendees were present representing over 24 countries. Great presentations on animal clinical pathology were given with an emphasis on acute phase proteins. Dr. Carolyn Cray, ISACP Scientific Committee Member, gave two presentations. She presented a review of “Acute Phase Proteins in Avian, Exotic, and Wildlife Species” with special emphasis on her collaborative work with manatees and serum amyloid A expression. In addition, she gave the concluding presentation, “The Clinical Laboratorian as an Agent of Transformational Change”. The society has a long history of facilitating global scientific exchange and promoting networking of clinical pathologists. While we all clearly operate in very different environments, it was impressive to see the amount of similarities in our goals rather than differences.