News : 2013 : September

APP Expression During EEHV Viremia in Asian Elephants

The September issue of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine features a study of acute phase protein expression in Asian elephants during elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus-1 viremia in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). The study was conducted in the Acute Phase Protein Laboratory at the University of Miami by Dr. Carolyn Cray. Collaborating investigators at the Baylor College of Medicine contributed valuable samples for analysis from elephants in differing periods of infection. The data indicated that EEHV-1 infection does result in acute inflammation and that APP levels may aid in the health monitoring of this species.

While acute phase proteins have been described in many species, the description in non-domesticated mammals is still limited. In this study, a significant difference in serum amyloid A was observed with nearly a 3-fold higher level during periods of viremia. Higher viral loads were associated with higher SAA levels. With resolution of viremia, levels of SAA decreased to within normal intervals. This data supports the use of SAA testing as a health assessment tool.

More information can be found in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine,
44(3):605-612, 2013.