News : 2013 : June

New Publication on the Application of SAA Testing at a Specialized Equine Practice

See the recent publication in the July 1 issue of JAVMA (243:113-119, 2013)

Samples from 212 horses from a specialty veterinary practice were examined using measures including CBC, fibrinogen, serum protein electrophoresis, and SAA.

• Versus mild (<2 fold) increases in total WBC and fibrinogen, marked 75-fold mean increases in SAA were present in clinically abnormal horses with a range of diseases.

SAA was present in neglible levels (<10mg/L) in normal animals.

• Levels in excess of 1000mg/L were routinely observed in animals with severe inflammatory processes related to infection.

SAA had the highest diagnostic accuracy for the detection of inflammation.

SAA was the most reliable indicator of a patient’s return to health.

SAA has been demonstrated to act as a major acute phase protein in horses. Increases are detectable within 24 hours of stimulation and, given its short half-life, significant decreases rapidly occur with a positive response to treatment.

The current results represent cases commonly seen in the equine practice. SAA should be considered as an adjunct test to routine blood work in this species. For more information or for any questions, please contact our laboratory at 800-596-7390 or via our laboratory email.