News : 2013 : May

New Paper on Inflammation in Alpacas

The Acute Phase Protein Laboratory was pleased to have an opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Thomas Passler and his colleagues at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University on a study recently published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Entitled, “Evaluation of Methods to Improve the Diagnosis of Systemic Inflammation in Alpacas”, Dr. Passler studied the effects of mild systemic inflamation in alpacas, a species well known for its stoicism.

LPS was administered through the use of subcutaneously placed osmotic mini-pumps and blood samples were examined periodically through 10 days. Treated animals displayed fewer lymphocytes and increased band neutrophils. Serum iron concentrations also significantly decreased. Haptoglobin was observed to increase after the removal of the pump. Changes in serum amyloid A, assessed via both ELISA and immunoturbidometric assays, were not observed. More studies are indicated to further address changes in these and other acute phase proteins in this species.

A full report of this study can be found in the journal’s Early View section.