About Us : Don Harris, D.V.M.

Don Harris D.V.M.

Dr. Don Harris began his “career” in the swamps of South Louisiana. Growing up there exposed him to a plethora of wild birds, mammals, and reptiles. His typical pets included raccoons, squirrels, snakes, alligators, ducks, sparrows, etc; dogs and cats were considered unusual!
Upon entering vet school, Dr. Harris’s attention was immediately focused on exotic species. While attending the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, he acted as the caretaker for LSU’s Bengal Tiger mascot, “Mike IV”. Dr. Harris participated in as many cases involving exotic species as possible, and acquired extensive experience with captive exotics, wildlife, and marine mammals.

Once Dr. Harris entered practice, his focus remained on exotics. Within 10 years he achieved the presidency of the international Association of Avian Veterinarians. Within 20 years he became president of the North American Veterinary Conference, arguably the world’s foremost veterinary conference for all species of animals. His veterinary practice, Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center, is recognized globally and visited regularly by veterinarians and veterinary students from around the world for the sake of expanding their knowledge of exotic animal veterinary care.

Most important to Dr. Harris is the trust his clients place in him. Every case receives the attention it deserves, and no effort is spared in providing for the medical and/or surgical needs the patients. In Dr. Harris’s words, “If clients honor me by trusting me with the care of their pets, it is my responsibility to give them the absolute best I have.”.